10 wedding guest dressing ideas for men attending an Indian Wedding

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Wedding seasons are awaited by most of us. There are two reasons for it, one is delicious food and the other is stylish clothing. Who does not love to buy new clothes for themselves in wedding seasons? And if you are visiting some wedding ceremonies as a guest then you would definitely want to shine in front of your fellow friends. But we have always observed an important thing in such wedding functions. While women plan, shop and dress in different ways, the men, on the other hand either do not show much interest in dressing up in a unique way or they simply get stuck to just few ideas. Keeping the same in mind, we decided why not bring out some fabulous ideas for men who are looking forward to attend an Indian wedding.

This article mentions some of the wedding guest dressing ideas for men attending an Indian wedding. Believe us, if you will dress up with one of the idea given below, your wife, fiancé or girl friend will love to fall in love with you, all over again!


10 Wedding guest dressing ideas for Men attending an Indian Wedding


  1. The Black AND White

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Simply put on a Black Blazer on top of a black shirt and pant and you will rock the show. Also, you can try a pure white stylish blazer on a plain black shirt. Bow tie isn’t necessary but if you have one, no problem it won’t ruin your style in fact it will enhance it. Gain a perfect formal look with this awesome combination.


  1. Navy blue shine

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Be it men or women, the ethnic attires always look great in any Indian wedding function. If you belong to the category of men who love dressing up in a traditional way, this pick is especially for you! This radiant navy-blue blazer on top of a black trouser or pant is enough to style you up. A Rajasthani blue Mojari is a must for this combination as it will exemplify the Indian touch in this style of dressing.


  1. Printed Sherwani

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Sherwani have always been a part of our rich celebrations and traditions. Sherwanis have always been a part of Indian weddings and they are a perfect example of a never dying trend in the fashion world.  If you are planning to wear a Sherwani in the upcoming wedding ceremony, then try this one. It


  1. Shiny Kurta

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Stay cool and look great in a smart and elegant kurta. A kurta can be a great choice if you haven’t ever tried one before. You can try the one in the picture below, a shiny long designer kurta in a blue shade with some designs on the front.


  1. Printed Kurta

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Continuing in our blue themed dresses this combination of printed blue kurta and red pyjama is a very good choice for those looking for a unique style up. A blue shawl with this combination is a matter of personal choice. 


  1. A Royal Look

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

You don’t need a perfect background to match the following dressing style. All you need is pair of similar garbs with a pair of royal mojaris.


  1. A Casual Idea

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

Do you want to stay cool and casual in wedding? If so, this one is for you! If you don’t like the idea of wearing a kurta or a sherwani, simply gather your imagination towards a casual attire. A blazer, blue shirt and a brown trouser is enough to get yourself ready.


  1. Coat Pant

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

How about a professional look? This combination will certainly solidify your personality. Don’t forget a lined tie, it does look professional.


  1. Check Coats


wedding guest dressing ideas for menYou can try coats with boxes lined up uniformly right from the top to the bottom. A pant in the same theme would be an awesome choice.


  1. Classy wear

wedding guest dressing ideas for men

If you want both a casual and professional look then the picture below perfectly describes what you want. It is simply classy!


We hope you got what you were looking for. Try and use your own creativity to get yourself a better look for the wedding ceremony you have been eagerly waiting for. Try and mix sherwanis with half coats/blazers or give casual dresses some formal touch.

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