Trending blouse designs for silk saree

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Blouse designs for silk saree

Silk sarees are an absolute favorite among women for any occasion. Be it a wedding or any formal event, silk sarees are best-suited for all of them. The wide range of pattern, colors, and designs available for silk sarees also makes it more appealing. As we know, one can only be able to pull-off a saree if the blouse it has been paired up with compliments the saree and blends in well with the colors. We have seen many instances of someone wearing a gorgeous saree, but ruining it by wearing the wrong color or design of the blouse. So, no matter how beautiful your silk saree might be, it is important to take care of the blouse. Here we present you a list of the best blouse designs for silk saree which will help you stand out in the crowd.


6 Trending blouse designs for silk saree


1)    Royal Blue full sleeves Blouse:-

blouse designs for silk saree

The best part about a silk saree is that it gives you a royal look. So, it is necessary that the blouse you wear with it also has a royal color and design. Royal blue or any other royal color, full sleeve blouse is perfect for such a saree with some intricate embroidery on it.



2)    Metallic stellar blouse with tassel:-

blouse designs for silk saree

This metallic stellar blouse will help you to bring out a modern twist in the otherwise traditional silk saree. Make sure you pair it up with the right colored simple silk saree and accessorize well. This blouse will make you look glamorous and elegant at the same time.


3)    Blue and White printed cotton blouse:-

blouse designs for silk saree

Print design has become very famous in the last few years and even this season it is one of the most sought-after designs. You can pair up your simple silk saree with this blue and white printed blouse to look graceful and sophisticated. You can even make a low bun and accessorize to a minimal.



4)    Black blouse with floral design:-

blouse designs for silk saree

Black has always been a favorite when it comes to any clothing and it is true in case of blouse as well. To make it even more attractive, one can have floral designs on it. Pairing it up with any light and elegant silk saree will enhance your look and make you a hit at the party.


5)    Sleeveless blouse:-

Pairing up your silk saree with a sleeveless blouse can make it look very appealing. You can choose a color and design which will go with your saree and accessorize it well to look more elegant. You can either keep your hair open or tie them up in a high bun.


6)    Back Open blouse:-

The recent years has been the years of backless blouses and this trend is still very popular today. You can pair it up with any of your simple silk saree and yet get a modern and glamorous look. You can even use a backless blouse with a heavy silk saree and still, you will get a very elegant look.


A silk saree is known for its luster and shine. Keep on experimenting with colors, texture, fabrics and style. The beauty of it is that you can choose variety of designs for the blouse that can give you that sculpted diva look for any occasion.