The best cleansing balm to boost your Korean skin care regimen

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The best cleansing balm to boost your Korean skin care regimen

There is a myth that double cleansing is only for those ladies who wear heavy makeup.  But beside makeup there are so many things that stick to our skin and clogs our pores. This can be your waterproof sunscreen,  moisturiser or dust and pollutants from the environment.

Whether you are an ardent lover of makeup or love flaunting your natural skin. We all want to start our day with a fresh looking skin and also want to go to the bed with a clearer skin.

Every skincare routine starts with cleansing, as it helps in removing dirt and grime. To start with this step, we use our regular facewash which removes water soluble impurities. But what about oil based impurities which cannot be removed by water?

                                        Korean skin care regimen

To remove these oil based impurities we need oil based cleansers.

Now, your another concern may be that double washing will strip natural oils from your skin. You will be happy to know that these oil based cleansing balm will remove even the toughest of lip stains without drying your lips. This is because when we wash our face with facewash we overwash to remove heavy makeup. This  makes your skin itchy and irritating. But if you will follow double cleansing, then the oil based balm will remove every dirt and grime without drying your skin. After that even small amount of mild facewash will be enough for removing water soluble impurities.

Some may doubt that oil based cleansers will make their skin more oily. Excess of oil will in turn make their skin more acne prone. So keep your worries aside as cleansing balms helps in deep cleansing of pores by removing dirt, grime and sebum. The best part is that it will do all this without drying your skin. Many times folks with oily skin use harsh cleansers which overdry their skin. Then to compensate this dryness our skin starts producing more oils. So we are never able to solve this oily skin problem. So oil based cleansers help us in balancing our natural oil  by not overdrying our skin.


How to use cleansing balm?


These balms are so easy to use that you will love washing your face everyday.  

Step 1- Take a small amount of balm in your clean dry hand.

Step 2- Rub it between your fingers to melt the balm.

Step 3- Apply it in your dry face by massaging it in circular motion.

Step 4- Keep on massaging until your makeup starts to break down.

Step 5- Use a face towel or face halo to wipe away the balm.

Step 6- After this you can use your water based facewash to remove water soluble impurities. 

Voila! you have completed the most important step of Korean skin care routine.


Now, we are going to talk about best cleansing balms according to different skin types and cleansing needs. We have categorized them so that you can pick the best one according to your skin needs.


For acne prone skin look for ingredients like green tea, tea tree oil, basil, aoe vera gel and honey in your cleansing balms. This will help you keep your acne at bay.  



Dull skin is mainly caused by accumulation of dead skin cells, unhelathy diet and dehydration etc.  So if you have a dull skin look for cleansing balms with ingredients that are good source of vitamin C. 



Search for cleansing balms which are heavy moisture laiden. You can try balms which have ingredients like honey, avocado,coconut oil and goat milk.



Nature takes care of everyone. Avoid chemicals and pick those cleansers that will clean your Touch -Me-Not skin and will also soothe it with its cooling properties.



For everyday makeup cleansing you can look for balms that are budget friendly and are good for mid cleansing.  Just keep in mind that they don’t have harsh chemicals like sulphate and paraben.   




There are ocassions when we wish to magnify our beauty. For that we use varied products that helps us in creating a flawless skin with perfect cheek bones, edgy jawlines, speaking eyes and lushy lips. But in the end we have to remove all this so that our skin can breathe. So in today’s era where we use waterproof, smudge proof, long wear and high coverage cosmetics face cleansing becomes a tough job. But there is a ray of hope – a cleansing balm that will not only melt all the cosmetic from your face but will also be a great time saver for you. Because these balms work like a pro. Its good to invest on balms that work as a good makeup remover and use them whenever required.



If your work keeps you more outdoor or you belong to metro cities. Then your main concern may be to remove harmful pollutants from your skin. These pollutants are hard to cleanse and you will have to take help of the experts.  

This was all about cleansing balm. If you have any other concerns do ask us. Also share your views about double cleansing and your favourite cleansing balms.