Types of Sherwani- Sherwani styles for every body type

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Sherwani Styles for every body type

We hardly look for Sherwani styles until and unless we have to wear it for our d day. Our today’s post is about making this complex looking Sherwani as easy to shop as your track pants. In the course of time Sherwani has evolved into various forms that has become as popular as our traditional form of Sherwani. Most of the men think that Sherwani are only for well built men and is not everyone’s cup of tea. So in our today’s post we will be talking about different Sherwani styles and who will look best in them.


It has its flavor from Mughal era and gives the groom the royal charm for his d-day. The chipkan style Sherwani has a tight fitting in the chest and has a flared bottom hemline. This layered Sherwani falls just above the knee. The top layer of Chipkan style sherwani is heavily embroidered and is bit longer then the inside kurta. Chipkan style Sherwani will look good on every groom except men with short height . They should look for fitted Sherwanis. For men who have broad shoulders and have belly fat this style will bring their best look. Flared hemlines looks good on taller people.

Sherwani styles for every body type



It is the amalgamation of Indian craftmanship with western style. If you are bore of the traditional groom look and want to wear something comfortable and ethnic at the same time. Then Indo western sherwani is surely the first choice for you. These sherwanis are known for their unique hemline, assymetrical cuts and varied color combinations. They can easily be paired with different bottom styles like- dhoti, churidar, pants, salwar etc. Groom with short heights can confidently go for indo western sherwani. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your bottom should be well fitted one. Also don’t go for dramatic hemline as it will draw unnecessary attention in your legs.

Sherwani styles for every body type



These Sherwanis are very popular because of their masculine fit. Unlike other Sherwanis which have huge flare and can only be wore by taller ones, this style looks good on everyone. Achkan Sherwani is well tapered down the length an rests above the knee. One can also carry it with different bottom style like dhoti or straight pants accoring to one’s taste. This sherwani is a go to style for everyone but if you are taller and heavier then flared sherwani is the comfy pick.

Sherwani styles for every body type



These sherwani are known for left or right side-cut style. Its assymetric opening is knotted or secured by either thread ties or loops. Angrakha word literally means “body protector” and has its roots from Rajasthan. The Angrakha sherwani accentuate the upper body an has huge flare from the waist. This style also suits men with good height because it has dense flares..  

Sherwani styles for every body type



The traditional pakistani Sherwani were worn with salwar pant and were quite comfortable to carry. The length of this sherwani is below knees and therfore looks great on people with good height. These sherwani are also known for their delicate embroidery and detailed work in hand cuffs and neckline. 

Sherwani styles for every body type



It is also popularly known as Bandhgala sherwani as it has mandarin collar. Like Jodhpuri coat jodhpuri sherwani are also equally popular for their sophisticated look. The right cut at armhole and skinny fit at chest gives this sherwani an elegant look. These sherwanis are just cut above the knees and therefore looks equally good on short height men. 

Sherwani styles for every body type

These are the most popular sherwani sryles which caters to every groom needs. For men with short height you can also check our other articles which talks about how to modify your sherwani to appear taller. Also share your experiences with us.