Five things every groom should know before buying Wedding Turbans

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Five things every groom should know before buying Wedding Turbans


When we talk about Groom accessories, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Turban. It sits like a crown in the head of the Groom and gives him a royal splendour look. So finding the right one that will compliment your look on the D-day is paramounto to every Groom. Now in our today’s post we will be talking about few handy tips that will help you in finalizing your turban style.


1. Matching with your outfit:

To single out the color from the wide color palette, you don’t have to study color psychology. But if you remember some basic rules you will never go wrong with your outfit choices. You can create three kinds of look-monochromatic, analogous and complementary.

Let’s first talk about Monochromatic look. This is for people who don’t want to take any sort of risk and prefer safer options. Here you can pick a single color with slight variations in its shade. The pros is that everything matches perfectly but it can also look monotonous. You can add turban acessories like sarpech and kalgi to make your look more interesting.

Wedding Turbans

The second one is the Analogous look. The most traditional way of pairing colors is done in analogous style. You can easily pair your outfit in this style by remembering the sequence of the colors of rainbow-VIBGYOR. For instance- red-violet, green-yellow, blue-violet etc.

Wedding Turbans

The last style of pairing is complementary where you will have to pick two opposite colors which gives contrast effect. Some complementary colors are red-green, yellow-purple, green-magenta and orange-blue. The complementary style makes the overall look eyecatching. The only thing one needs to take care of is that you don’t have to overdo it. The less is more. 

Wedding Turbans


2. Array of fabrics:

You will see wide range of fabrics in wedding store and all are equally appealing. From georgette to cotton and silk to velvet you will find turban in every fabric. For winter weddings velvet look cosy and luxurious. For summer weddings silk and cotton are the most light weight and breathable fabric. Many times groom experiment with their turban and go for vibrant color pagdi in chiffon, organza and georgette fabric.

Wedding Turbans Wedding Turbans


3. Going with the trends:

Pastel colors, Floral prints, Banarsi weave are in vogue these days. For day weddings or beach weddings, pastel colors with floral prints are the best style to carry. For night weddings ditch heavily embroidered turban with intricately weaved banarsi fabric, which adds shine and sophistication at the same time. 


Wedding Turbans


4. Coordinating your outfit with your bride:

There are few things you can do to coordinate your outfits with your bride in much graceful and subtle ways. Accesories are the best way to coordinateyour outfit with the bride. You can pick the most prominent color from bride’s outfit and can look for matching groom accessories like turban, kalgi, brooches, cufflinks, neckpieces and mojris of same color. Read more.. 

Wedding Turbans


5. Type of Groom turbans:

There are different styles of turban basically influenced by culture of that region and every style has its own uniqueness and charm. So you can pick any style according to your like. So, our last tip is for Short height men and for men who want to look taller. You should look for turban whose color perfectly matches with your wedding outfit. So that you can avoid color blocking yourself. If its a printed turban then keep the prints small. Moreover any kind of accessories which you will be selecting for yourself should be of smaller size for instance the length of your neckpiece. 

We hope this article will help you find the right outfit for your d-day. Do share your views about buying the right turban. To know more about groom outfits check our other post about Sherwanis