How to take care of your neck skin and treat neck wrinkles

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How to take care of your neck skin and treat neck wrinkles

Wrinkles are the fine line and creases that are the most prominent sign of ageing. But they become a problem if you start noticing them early. Some parts of your body are more prone to wrinkles as compared to other. In our today’s post we will be talking about neck wrinkles which have become a question of personal insecurity for many.


Why my neck looks older than my face?

The texture of your neck skin is different from your face. It is thinner and more fragile to external influences like UV rays, environmental pollution, smoking and lifestyle disorders. Moreover, we also take less care of our neck skin as compared to our facial skin. This all can result into our neck skin looking more old and wrinkled as compared to our face skin.



Its always good to start early and protect your neck skin then looking for after treatments. So let’s start with some easy tips that will help you in preventing neck wrinkles and will also reduce the appearance of them.

1. Moisturising:

We daily moisturise our face but often skip this part – our neck. Moisturising your neck skin will make it look healthy and will also help in preventing neck wrinkles.


2. Collagen boosting:

Collagen is known for providing skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles. These days collagen are taken in the form of health drinks and are also used topically as cream. Its still a question whether these products are effective or not? But taking natural collagen supplement is the best thing you can do. The other thing you can do is to protect your natural collage by preventing it from harmful rays and taking food rich in antioxidants.


3. Sunscreen:

Ultraviolet rays from sun breakdowns the collagen and it leads to premature ageing of skin. We often apply sunscreen in our face and skip the neck area. So we advice you to apply sunscreen in neck which is also most exposed part to sun.

4. Vitamin C:

It is the most powerful antioxidant which neutralizes the free radicals that leads to premature wrinkles. It also help in treating blemishes and age spots.

5. Retinol:

They are also known as “cell communicating” ingredient as their job is to talk to skin cells and bring healthier skin cells on the surface of skin. While adding retinol in your skin care routine it is advisable to start with a mild formula. And then increase its strength and frequency according to your skin sensitivity.

6. Neck masks:

There are various neck masks available in store which can pamper your neck skin. These masks contain essential nutrients and moisturisers that helps in reducing neck wrinkles and pigmentation.

7. Yoga:

Keeping your neck in a certain position for prolonged time can also be one of the reason for your neck wrinkles. You can also try yoga for reducing neck wrinkles. Which includes exercises like neck lifting and moving your neck to and fro. Neck massage can also help in relaxing your neck muscles.

These are some of the easiest thing you can do to reduce the appearance of neck wrinkles. One should also follow a healthy lifestyle as what we eats it gets reflected from our skin.  Take a healthy diet and avoid smoking and other unhealthy addictions. However, there are also some costly surgical procedures to treat neck wrinkles effectively. But these surgeries are considered more risky and difficult. As neck is one of the most sensitive part of our body. So its always a better idea to prevent premature ageing of skin then to look for cosmetic treatments afterward.