6 Ways to carry striped blazer like celebs

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Striped blazer

Winters are all about layering in style. Blazers are the favourite outfit of every celebrity, as it offers most versatile look. For a casual look you can opt for tees and for a crispier look they can be easily paired up with button up shirt.  You can find blazers in various prints and styles but what we are talking today is about striped blazer. Recently Bella Hadid was in news for her striped blazer in which she looked quite stunning.


6 Ways to carry striped blazer like celebs


1. Long sleeve one button striped blazer:

The shawl lapel looks pretty feminine and is an easy style to carry with various outfits.  The one buttoned blazer can be convinently carried in a buttoned up style for formal look and which can also be fastened for a casual look. You can also go shirtless under blazers.

carry striped blazer like celebs


2. Front open blazer:

Front open blazers are like a shrug and add an extra layer of style to your fashion statement. So, if you have thought of creating a bold fashion statement then why not add some ruffles to your sleeve for a greater style impact. carry striped blazer like celebs


3.  Structured Blazer:

The structured Blazers have fitting lines in the waist and padded shoulders so that they don’t weigh down. Stipes are everywhere and, why not, they give an effortless classy look. Pairing your not-so-fitted blazer with a pair of regular fitted jeans is all what you need to ace up your casual look like Bella. carry striped blazer like celebs


4. Striped Blazer dress:

The blazer dresses are the another sexier option to look for this season. The perfect fitted dress makes you buisness ready. All you need is to pair it up with high heels.carry striped blazer like celebs


5. Long Blazer:

Long blazers looks great with mid length dresses. Stripes are always fun to carry as you can mix-n-match them with various solid plain colors or create your own style statement by mixing various prints. While mixing prints don’t overdo them and its always best to mix wide spaced stripes with narrow ones.  carry striped blazer like celebs


6. Cropped Blazer:

Today you can easily find the word ‘cropped’ with every outfit. From cropped jeans to cropped tops everything is trending now. Now its time for cropped blazers which are sure to oomph up your style. Flaunt your midriff with cropped blazer.carry striped blazer like celebs

Hope you like our article on six ways to carry striped blazers like celebs. Do share with us which stripped blazer style is your favourite one. Keep visiting for more style updates. Also read: Trend alert- celebrities wearing wide leg trousers with stripes 


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carry striped blazer like celebs



carry striped blazer like celebs



carry striped blazer like celebs



carry striped blazer like celebs