6 useful tips to consider for finding the right bra size and fit

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Getting a right bra size and fit often becomes a convoluted task.  But you don’t have to worry as we have come up with some useful tips to consider for finding the right bra size and fit. If you are thinking that you have only one bra size, then you’re mistaken.


In fact, you have more than one. A bra can truly be considered the backbone for your breasts. A properly fitting bra gives a boost to your confidence.

Finding the perfect fitting bra is not an easy thing to do whether it’s a Bra for First Night or simple daily wear Bra. Considering this, we have got six useful tips that will let you find the right bra size you’re looking to.

Tips on finding the right bra size and fit


Most of the Support Comes from the Band

Even though cups hold a woman’s breasts in place, the band gives 90% of the real support to the breasts. So you may think that the straps are actually giving a firm grip to your bosom, they are there not only for keeping your cup flat with your body, but to shape your breasts in the right way. Do your band and cup fit properly? If so, then you should easily be able to put your straps aside. Don’t worry! Your bra will stay wherever it is.


Consider Rounding Up If Your Breasts are Two Different Sizes

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You need not worry if the size of your one breast seems bigger than the other. It is absolutely normal as well as common for women to have different sized breasts. And if the difference is significant, then online shopping for lingerie with the right size may even become more complicated for you. In such a situation, consider getting a bra with pads (that can be removed) and take them out on the large size.


Do Your Straps Slip?

In case you find that your straps are slipping, maybe your cups are extremely large. Make sure the centre panel on the front of your bra should lay flat against the middle of your chest. If your cups are expanding just because it is hard for your breasts to fill them, you may consider going a low cup size.


The Band Should Make You Feel Comfortable

Got the right size of your band? If so, then it will be easy for you to fit your finger between the back and strap. Your band is extremely smaller if the underwire is compressing or even sticking in your bosom tissue. However, looser does not do any good when it comes to getting a proper support.

finding the right bra size and fit

It is important for you to keep in mind that a band plays a very crucial role as it is something that keeps the breasts in place. A loose band, on the other hand, will not serve you with much-needed support. It will, in fact, make you feel ill at ease for years to come.


It’s Important to Know Your Size as Well as Your Sister Size

It all depends on various brands that are available in bras of different sizes. While one bra size of a particular brand may fit you perfectly, the same bra size available in another brand may not fit you right. Keeping this mind, it is crucial for you to know both sizes and sister sizes as well. If a bra does not do you any good in your regular size, you never know when it might work in the sister size.


The Bra is Snug on the Loosest Hook

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There’s no denying the bra will stretch out over time. So, you need to ensure it is snug on the loosest hook. If it really is, it will last for long. You will not have a hard time when it comes to switching from one hook to another. In case your waist band increases then instead of buying a new size you can also easily look for bra hook extender.


Fragile bras may seem more of an eye candy to your man, but keep in mind that they are not the best undergarments for the perfect foundation. Of course, you need the right support for your breasts. Share your views with us and also tell us which tip was more useful to you.