10 Most Beautiful Pakistani bridal dresses in 2018

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March 10, 2018
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Pakistani bridal dresses in 2018

The wedding day is an important and big day for every bride and everyone wants to look like a princess on this day. Pakistan is very popular when it comes to their bridal outfit collection. With a wide variety of options in the market, it is a very difficult task to choose the one which will make your day even more special. One should try to evaluate every aspect of choosing the right Pakistani bridal dresses for this big day. One of the most important aspects is choosing the right accessories for your outfit which will complement it. It is important that the jewelry blends in well with the colors of your outfit and also provide an elegant look to it. The right sandals are as important as the outfit itself. It is important to choose the right shoes along with a comfortable one.

Another important aspect of dress hunting is to keep your budget in mind and go through the shops which provide quality product at cheaper prices. Areas like Jama Cloth, Rabi center, Tariq road and Kehkashan market in Karachi are famous for their cheap yet beautiful bridal outfits. Here we bring to you the most beautiful Pakistani bridal dresses of the year 2018:-


10 Most beautiful Pakistani bridal dresses in 2018



  1. Celebrity-inspired Pakistani bridal dresses:- Pakistani bridal dresses

When Urwa and Farhan got married, all women can look at was Urwa’s beautiful bridal outfit. One can take inspiration from her for their big day.


  1. Maayoun bride in yellow:- Pakistani bridal dresses

The yellow bridal outfit is also very elegant and brings out the features of the bride. This bright color enhances the look and also makes the bride look very graceful.


  1. Wear Black Paired up with other colors:- Pakistani bridal dresses

As it is against the culture to wear a black outfit on a wedding day as it is considered as a bad omen. If you love black, what you can do is to pair it up with other colors such as gold or red which complements it a lot.


  1. Red mixed with Blue outfit:- Pakistani bridal dresses

One of the most famous combinations, red and blue can add every color to your wedding day. You can accessorize it with anything and it will surely give you an elegant look.


  1. Off-white dress:- Pakistani bridal dresses

The most popular color for a daytime nikaah is off-white which provides the poise and also look beautiful in daylight. One can also pair it up with colors like pink and red to enhance its beauty.

  1. Pink Wedding gown with tail:- Pakistani bridal dresses

This is one gown which goes with every skin color and also gives you a modern look. Pair it up with suitable accessory and be ready to stand out on your big day.


  1. Pastel colored Pakistani bridal dresses:- Pakistani bridal dresses

For the walima day, most of the bride choose something soothing and simple which is why many opt for these pastel-colored outfits. This gives the bride the beautiful glow on their faces and enhances their beauty.


  1. Green Net embroidery dress:- Pakistani bridal dresses

Net embroidery is very famous nowadays and paired up with green color will make the outfit very beautiful.


  1. Embroidered Chiffon Outfits:-Pakistani bridal dresses

When it comes to weddings, chiffon outfits has always been a favorite. The intricate embroidery on them can further enhance the look of the outfit.


  1. Butterfly style embroidered dress:-  Pakistani bridal dresses

This beautiful style has become very popular and has been a growing trend over the years. Pakistani bridal dresses gives an angelic look to the bride with a modern twist.