Gorgeous Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

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Gorgeous Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

Being the bride’s sister is an equally responsible position to hold and flaunt around!

Isn’t it?

When you are the bride’s sister, you are the next eye-catcher in the league. So, your outfit must also be of the similar order. In order to let the people ask about your outfit, you need to carefully choose your dress for this special occasion. Many a times it happens that our confusions for selecting the right dress lands us into a completely puzzled setup.

Well! To make sure this doesn’t happen with you, mentioned below are a few designer and the latest lehenga designs to pick from. This will not just cut down your puzzle and confusion but, will also assist you in picking the perfect attire for the upcoming wedding.


5 Beautiful Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister


Golden Designer Lehenga

Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

Whether it is the bride herself or her sister, golden is a perfect choice for all. You can pick this colour for any of the top choices that lure you. Either you can go with a regular lehenga design or add an indo-western touch to it for a better look. Choose from a crop top or an off-shoulder blouse that will keep the girly look alive. The golden colour definitely signifies the celebration mood and gives you lots of opportunities to don stylish jewellery. You can opt to wear the matching golden jewellery for a complete traditional look or can wear the stunning and shimmering silver jewellery too.


Royal Blue and Gold Crop Top Lehenga

Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

Another remarkable colour combination can be a mix and match of golden with royal blue. This one’s a perfect expression of the true royality and elegance, when you are getting dressed up to be with the bride. Royal blue highlights the face and golden adds complete shine to your appearance. Nothing best can be thought of in comparison to this one. Adding a crop top blouse will automatically add to the girly appearance and perfect presentation. Most importantly, the blue and golden color combination is the latest color trend in fashion world these days!


Banarasi Silk Lehenga

Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

Silk is never outdated and when it comes to a special appearance, the combination of Banarasi Silk makes a complete facade. The Banarasi silk is available in an extensive range of beautiful colors. All you have to do is to dcide your own preference and pick the one that gos best with your skin tone. Embellished with the royal touches of silk, Banarasi keep you special and will with the outward show at this special wedding ceremony of your sister. This can be an amazing choice to be as special as the bride.


Velvety Hued Lehengas

Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

Velvet lehengas automatically create the power show when it comes of an amazing advent at any ceremony. When it’s your sister’s wedding, you can choose from a list of velvet hues to make your appearance outstanding at this special occasion. Your fascia for being the best, just after the bride can be perfectly reflected with any of those velvety hued lehnegas to pick from. To add style and honour, you can either go for a crop top blouse with sweetheart neckline or a full sleeve blouse with boat neck. Even cold shoulder or cape look is pretty famous for such lehnegas. The velvet adds a dash of richness and royalty to your whole attire. However, do remember that velvet lehengas look best in the winter season when breeze is cold and everyone opts for a warm suitable dressing and colors.


Anarkali Lehenga

Lehenga Designs for Bride’s Sister

Anarkali lehengas are also among those show stoppers perfect for the bride’s sister. Embellished in different styles and pattern, there are huge variety of options to pick from. Anarkali lehengas are for those who do not wish to carry those three-piece lehenga sets, but still appear stylish. Also, the anarkali lehengas are comparatively much easier to be worn and carry. And when it comes to patterns and colors, you will be glad to know that Anarkali lehengas are never short of choices and patterns for everyone.

Now that you have got so many choices, why not pick up the one that goes best with your taste and style? Just choose one and get the right accessories also so that you look just amazing on your sister’s wedding.