10 Trendy Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

It’s a general notion that for an Indian bride, her hairstyle is the most important aspect. A stereotype hairstyle pictures long and beautiful hair with variety of hairstyles like a bun, braids or long curls. The ones with short hair feel a setback and works on either increasing the length or use hair extensions. All you short haired brides don’t feel that it is an injustice for you. Here is a comprehensive list of Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs, do that you can experiment  with that short hair on your D day.

Think it in the way that, your bob looks can give you both a sexyboho and indo look. The most vital way to get a remarkable look depends on how you accessorize your hair. A wedding look doesn’t necessarily need to be all that bling for a big fat Indian wedding.  Let’s have a look on some Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs.


List of 10 Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs


1. Braid with a side bun

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

If a traditional bun is too boring for you, you can opt for a side bun. A side bun can be made rather with a middle parting or side parting. What more, upgrade the look with a red rose or any fresh flowers of your choice.You can enhance the look with some jewellery if you decide to keep the bun simple. The best part about this hairstyle is that it can be done beautifully with short hair. You can put more accessories of your choice apart from including flowers in your bun.


2. Messy Updo with Twirl ends

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

Who said that a messy updo is only for brides with long hair? Make a bun by tying all your hair, and leave your short hair loose. Either curl the leftover strands or straighten it.


3. Fringe and a low pony

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

A fringe is an all-time simple and sophisticated look. With a low pony you are ready for an effortless look without any mess.


4. Well-defined waves

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

This classic hairstyle will be an ideal option for those with natural wavy short hair. You can either create waves with a curling iron. Leave it the classic way or accessorize it. A sleek maang tikka looks great with this hairstyle. The dangling hug earrings give a perfect look with this wavy hairstyle for your wedding day.


5. Low chignon

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

This gives a very neat look your short hair also. It is a perfect choice for wedding day and comes as an sy hair style too. Chignon is a low fancy bun, for any traditional or formal occasions.Twist the hair into a bun and to avoid any mess secure it with bobby pins. You can opt for a messy chignon. Again, use accessories as per your choice.

6. Volumizing the Ends

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

Creating volume in short hair works wonders for hair! Especially, the short hair get a beautiful look through this style. All you need to have are the right hair tools and an expert hand. Style your sleek hair by volumizing your ends. Just a blow dry and you can easily carry this look.


7. The Pixie

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

This cut is an ultimate favourite one. This adorable look will make your groom blush. Pair your pixie with some sexy accessories.


8. Braids and twists

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

First part your hair and make braids on both sides. After this twist the ends and tame that baby hair or go for a messy one. It’s your choice.


9. Simple low bun

Indian bridal hairstyles for short hairs

A minimal and effortless hairstyle is ideal for those who have straight or curly hair. A simple low bun can be kept all tied up or just left messy.


10. Puffed-half upIndian bridal hairstyles for short hairs


Any Indian bride can opt for this cute hairdo. You just need to blow dry your hair and you are ready.


The key is to enhance these hairdos with accessories and jewellery. Don’t think that the short hair will make you look any less.Invest in a good hair accessory for a much elegant look. You can keep it light or choose a heavy embellished one. You can also get a floral look with a natural or an artificial flower. Embrace your short hair and you will stand out on your day.

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