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This season there is a lot to explore for ladies who are crazy about bags. With new prints and bold patterns they are all ready to win your hearts. In the world of ladies bags we have so many varieties and fast changing fashion trends. That even after doing so many researches before buying a bag we end up doing one or the other mistake. Instant tip is that, bags are not only the fashion accessories, but also a utility kit.

So before swapping your cards you need to think about the places where you want to carry that bag. And while choosing a bag try to buy a bag which  would complement your body shape and then go for the colors trending that season or according to your favorite colors that are always present in your wardrobe.

So ladies don’t you think there’s a lot to remember while shopping for bag, turning our happy shopping mood  into a serious business. But you don’t have to worry, we here at letsgetdressed are working to clear all your doubts and confusion and helping you in making a best buy decision. Scroll down to find out more about ladies bags trending this summer 2017.

20 Trending Ladies Bags of summer 2017


1: Big clutch:

Big clutches are trending high these days and the credit goes to the utility of these clutches. They have enough room to organize your cosmetics, iPhone and other gadgets. Its formal look makes them a perfect choice for making a style statement in the office. Apple shaped women should surely try these clutches to accentuate their bottom.

Ladies Bags

2. Big chains:

Chains were always a part of our handbags, but this season is to flaunt big sized chains. And these mini bags are also being loved by our fashion houses. So this sling bag is a perfect fashion accessory for this season. These mini bags are perfect for petite figures and girls of every body shape can carry it perfectly by adjusting the length of straps according to your problem areas like ladies with heavy bottom can carry them by keeping the length of the strap below the hips.Ladies Bags

3. Envelope clutches:

These hand held clutches are perfect for carrying your laptops and inching in style to your workplace. Best for apple shaped body and a big no for pear shaped one.

Ladies Bags


4. Bucket bag:

These bucket bags are full on in fashion and all set to give you a classy look. A totally must have for pear shaped body, nothing like a bucket bag can accentuate your body shape. Giving great definition to your slender shoulders.

Ladies Bags


5. Drawstring backpack:

These drawstring backpack with floral prints is all you need to carry for having a day out with your BFF’S. This prints are must have to freshen up your day.

Ladies Bags


6. Colorful geometric prints:

Geometric print always gives a unique look to anything, whether it is a dress or an accessory. This backpack is all you need to hang on.Ladies Bags


7. Barrel clutch:

This barrel clutch is perfect for rectangular shaped ladies and the petites one to balance their look. And a barrel clutch with a chainy strap is totally style dipped in elegance.Ladies Bags


8. Cylindrical bags:

Going for a long trip, then carry your essentials in a style in cylindrical bags. And you have so many cute designs that can match to your needs.

Ladies Bags


9. Ruffled up:

These denim bags have become so popular among girls that they need to be present here in every season. And the great thing is that you can make a customized handbag for yourself by showing some creativity.

Ladies Bags


10. Tassels:

We are girls and we love tassels and ethnic prints inscribed in this handbag is all to show our deep love. Perfect for a street look. Best for petite girls to add definition to your look.

Ladies Bags


11. Fringe:

You can have some fun with your handbags too. And this fringed bag is all you need to bring some excitement in your look.

Ladies Bags


12. Flat satchel:

Flat satchel bag with A small round handle  is perfect for an hour glass figure.  And with these trendy geometric prints this flat satchel hand bag has become totally ultramodern.

Ladies Bags


13. Huge Ladies bags:

These huge bags have stolen the show in runways and now they are going to rock the fashion streets. These hand held handbags are chic and with great utility.

Ladies Bags


14. Pop up prints:

Summers are too bright and to match with this season’s brightness one needs to brighten up her wardrobe. Adding some pop out colors to your handbag is a safe play and also it can match up easily with any dress.

Ladies Bags


15. Structured Ladies Bags:

A well structured sling bag with round metal handle is perfect to carry while hitting for a night party or attending an evening function. But take care of the color you buy according to detailings in your dress.

Ladies Bags


16.  Round handle:

These round handles are high in fashion and you will find a huge variety in fresh arrivals according to your taste.

Ladies Bags


17. Strips:

This classic design of strips with small tassels is fully loaded with style. What else does a true Fashionista requires.

Ladies Bags


18. Suede boho Ladies bag:

Suede bag with a knot at the top is a perfect handbag for girls who love street look. And also serves the purpose of bag with huge space inside.

Ladies Bags


19. Triangle:

Handbags with different shapes are also stealing the fashion show. Like for example this triangular mini bag is like a fully loaded fashion bullet.

Ladies Bags


20. Animal prints:

This animal print clutch looks so sophisticated that every lady would love to buy it and will be so obsessed with it that she will think of flaunting it everywhere.

Ladies Bags


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