10 Tests to find out your Skin Undertone: Warm, Cool or Neutral

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Warm, Cool or Neutral Skin Undertone

Colors always confuse us. Whether we are selecting a hair color, foundation, eye shade, lipsticks, nail paints or buying a dress. One thing that constantly struck us is that will it look good on me. We bet you, after reading this post you will be quite confident about which color to pick and which one to avoid. Today we will be talking about the whole color science of Skin undertone.

Our skin color is determined by our two tones. The first one is surface tone and the second one is the undertone. The surface tone can be broadly categorized into light, medium and dark. And the undertone can be classified into warm, cool and neutral. Everyone knows its surface tone, but the undertones are always confusing. So one needs to perform many tests before concluding anything.

Determine your skin undertone: Before performing these tests make sure that your face is clean and look for a  natural light source while inspecting your hair and eye colors etc. Perform all these tests and then combine the results together to find out your undertone.


10 Perfect ways to find out your Skin Undertone


1: Veins test:

Look at the inside of your wrist and find out whether they are green or blue. If they look greenish you are warm tone and if your veins are blue, then you have cool undertone. If you are confused about the color of your veins there is a possibility that you may have neutral tone.

skin undertone


2: Eye color:

Check your eye color to determine your undertone. If your eye color is blue, gray or green, then you may be having a cool undertone. If the color of your eyes is brown, amber or hazel then you might have a warm undertone.

skin undertone


3: Hair color:

If you have blond, black or brown hair with blue, silver, violet and ash undertones. Then you have cool undertone. If you have red, brown, black or strawberry blond hair with gold, orange, red or yellow undertone then you have a warm undertone.

skin undertone


4: Gold or silver jewelry:

If you look best in gold jewelry then you must be having a warm undertone. If silver and platinum jewelry looks good on you then you may be having a cool undertone.

skin undertone


5: Ear test:

If the color of the skin behind your ears is pink or rosy then you may have cool undertone and if the color of the skin behind your ears is yellowish then you have warm undertones.

skin undertone


6: Sun test:

If your skin burns easily and often turn into red, then you may have cool undertone. If your skin gets easily tanned then you may be having a warm undertone. In case of cool undertone you will have more sunburn rather than tanning.

skin undertone

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7: White scarf test:

Wrap a white scarf around your neck and check the color of your skin. If your skin looks yellowish you may be having a warm undertone. If your skin looks pink, bluish-red and rosy then you may be having a cool undertone. Olive skin with neutral tone will look gray in the white scarf test.

skin undertone


8: Best colors:

Cool tones will look best in blue, green, pink, purple and magenta. Warm tones will look best in yellow, brown, orange, ivory and warm red.

skin undertone


9: Neutral shades test:

If bright white and black makes your face lively then you must be having a cool undertone. If ivory and off-whites bring a glow to your face, then you must be having a warm skin undertone.

skin undertone


10: Celebs example:

Indian celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha falls under warm undertone.

skin undertone

Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Anushaka Sharma they have cool undertone.

skin undertone


The above ten points will help you in determining your skin undertone. If in some cases you find that you are having both the properties of cool and warm skin undertone. Then it means you have neutral undertone and every color will look good on you. If you still have any confusion in determining the undertone of your skin, then do comment below.