How to get rid of dark circles under eyes using Home remedies

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How to get rid of dark circles

Before writing about the ways on “How to get rid of dark circles“, let us find out its root cause.  Not every dark circles are genetic there are many more reasons which we are going to dig it right now. If you find that your sleeping hours have reduced since past and your life has become quite stressful. Then this may be the possible reason of  your under eye area getting darker. The skin under our eye is thinner than the rest and this makes our under eye area darker because of the visible blood veins through it. Moreover, exposure to sun and liver related diseases can also add to this problem. Aging and allergies can also be one of the reasons for it.


Sure shot ways on How to get rid of dark circles:


1: Massaging your under eye area:

You can use almond oil, olive oil, Argon oil or coconut oil to gently massage your under eye area. For good results add it to your daily night ritual i.e. before hitting your bed. It will help you in relaxing your eyes and enriching your under eye skin with vitamin E.


How to get rid of dark circles


2: Performing face yoga exercises:

Every morning 15 minutes of facial exercises can solve many of your facial issues. You can try this simple trick to increase the blood circulation under your eye by performing this small exercise regularly. Place your middle finger below your eyebrow and start tapping with it covering your under eye area in circular motion.

How to get rid of dark circles


3: Meditation:

This tip is for the people who live a stressful life and can’t exclude it from their lifestyle. They should add meditation into their morning timetable.

How to get rid of dark circles


4: Proper sleep:

Even your eyes need rest and dark circles are their way of telling you that take it easy. Every individual needs 8 hours of sleep. For people who spend most of the time before computers needs to gift their eyes with 8 hours sleep.

How to get rid of dark circles


5: Medical advice:

If you think that your under eye problem is the severe one, then do consult a doctor. As this may also be caused due to liver problems or skin conditions. Iron or Vitamin deficiency is also one of the major cause of dark circles under eyes.

How to get rid of dark circles


6: Allergies:

Various infections can lead to eye allergies. For example, your make up product (Kohl, eyeliner or mascara) you need to be sure about their quality before applying it. Food allergies can also lead to these conditions.

How to get rid of dark circles


7: How to get rid of dark circles Aloe-Vera gel:

You can apply Aloe-Vera gel under your eye. It has cooling properties and will help you in reducing your dark circles.


How to get rid of dark circles


8: Vaseline with lemon drops:

You can mix a few drops of lemon juice with Vaseline. This mixture will help you in moisturizing your under-eye skin and reducing the pigmentation.

How to get rid of dark circles


9: Cucumber slices and tea bags:

You can also place cucumber slices above your eyes or dip tea bags in cold water and keep it above your eyes to give them a quick relax.How to get rid of dark circles


10: Cover it up:

If you are looking for a quick fix then you can take help of concealers to even out your under eye area. While buying a concealer one must keep her undertone in mind. As this will help you in buying the perfect shade. 10 Tests to find out your Skin Undertone: Warm, Cool or Neutral

How to get rid of dark circles

Warm undertones must look for yellow based concealers and cool undertones must look for orange based concealers. One needs to apply the concealer after applying the foundation to cover the uneven areas. You don’t have to rub the product and generously tab it on your skin. If you are using it before applying the foundation, then let the product dry out completely and then go for the other.


We hope that these home remedies for dark circles under eyes will provide you with a permanent solution to your problem. However, if you are facing major issues with the Dark circles under your eyes, consult a doctor immediately.