Men’s denim jeans Styles

Men's denim jeans

Men’s denim jeans

We can’t imagine our day without denims and it happens with every one of us that we have “n” number of jeans and out of them only two or three are our favourite ones. These daily picks are our true companion offering us with perfect fit and comfortable style. We all are born with different size and shape and its a truth that a particular brand may suit one and not suit the other one. Tags: Men’s Denim Jeans

So you can keep on hitting different brand stores for finding the right fit for you. And once you have found your soul fit jeans, then just stick to that label. Denims are for all occasions and can be easily pulled off in any seasons. Whether you are going for a casual walk or going for an evening party; jeans can become your best pick. But remember you need to know some do’s and don’t before picking a jeans for yourself.

Today we have come up with ten fresh styles in men’s denim jeans to must try in 2017 and with all the styling tips that can be very handy for fashion newbies. We would also be simultaneously talking about which style should one choose according to one’s body type and according to the purpose of their dressing. So there’s going to be a huge flow of  styling info to make shopping easy for you.


Ten fresh styles in Men’s denim jeans to must try in 2017


1: Slim fit cropped and distressed jeans:

Cropped and distressed jeans are the hottest trend in men and women denims. And this slim fit washed away jeans is best to carry for a summer casual day look.  And slim fit works for every body type except for heavy built.

Men's denim jeans


2: Waxed Jeans:

These waxed jeans are a great way of adding variety in your denims. This slim fit jeans is a must have for evening dates and its smooth and shinny texture will help you in doning a refined look.

Men's denim jeans


3. Embroidered baggy jeans:

This season you will be seeing a lot of embroideries and patch work in new arrivals of many brands. These baggy jeans are best for long and medium built men to balance out their look. If you are in a relaxing mood or if you are chilling out, then these baggy jeans are great for creating a style statement.

Men's denim jeans


4. Loosely cuffed:

Loose cuffed jeans are also a great choice for skinny men to walk in comfort and style. These cuffed jeans are loose at the thighs and get narrower at the end. You can either go for plain cuffed jeans or for elastic cuffed one.

Men's denim jeans


5. Super skinny with raw hem:

Super skinny jeans are not for every men you need to have perfect shape to do justice with these super skinny jeans. So others can opt for regular fit, but this raw denim with raw hem is a must try for this season.

Men's denim jeans


6. Cropped and tapered:

Tapered jeans are best for skinny and medium built men. And you can easily master this look with sandals or loafers for a casual day look.

Men's denim jeans


7. Regular fit:

These regular fit jeans are best option for medium to heavy built men. They will not only balance your problem areas, but will also provide you with all the comfort you need during summers. Dark color denims are the best choice for every skin tone, especially the darker ones.

Men's denim jeans


8. Stone wash:

Heavy stone washed jeans look cool in summer and great for hanging out casually. But if you have a darker skin tone then you can opt for a bit darker shade.

Men's denim jeans


9. Straight cut:

Straight cut jeans are best for skinny men as it makes them look fuller. And this dark colored stone washed jeans will look good on every skin tone.

Men's denim jeans


10. Studded jeans:

There are numerous patterns in studded jeans and it is a perfect pair for a street look. These studded designs are made keeping in mind the bikers fashion.

Men's denim jeans

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