Trending Styles for Curvy Girls to Try in 2018

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

Curvaceous bodies can look highly attractive with the right style tips and suitable dressing sense! Having beautiful curves is an asset for any woman. All you actually need is the right style so that you look your best!. We have showcased 10 best Trending Styles for Curvy Girls. Take a look and take your pick!


10 Trending Styles for Curvy Girls to Try in 2018


  1. Ankle High Jeans with Plain White Shirt

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

The look of jeans and white shirt or top is never out of style! It can be tried by any body type. Those having a slightly plump figure can try the style with folded jeans that remains ankle high. Go for a plain white lose short and don’t forget to fold the sleeves up to your elbows! Do your hair high on top and wear stilettos! A perfect look for curvy shapes!


  1. Long Skirts with Denim Jacket

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

Though we consider curves as assets but there may be many women who want to cover up their figure for a while so that they get a slimmer look. If same is the case with you, opt for a smart short denim jacket with the right fitting and a long skirt. The volume of skirt should be suitable so that you do not get a bulky look.

  1. Short One Piece Dress with Leather Jacket

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

Planning to go on a date? If yes, you can try this amazing look without any second thought. A short single dress in grey color along with a cool looking leather jacket gives your curvy body a fantastic look. If you want to stay casual, try sneakers with this look. Else you may wear flats too!


  1. Off Shoulder Dress with Lace

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

Another pretty look for pretty curvy ladies! This breathtaking style consists of a blue short dress with perfect length above the knees. The lace pattern at the bottom gives a lovely feminine touch to your appearance. Complete the look with a chic necklace that falls beautifully on your bosom. The necklace will also highlight the chic off shoulder pattern.


  1. Embellished Lose Kurta Style Dress

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

A lose kurta with simple embellishments works wonders for plump beautiful ladies! This one has got elegant embroidery upon it. The colorful threads create a vibrant look upon the kurta while the strappy black sandals highlight your stylish dressing sense!


  1. Glittering Overlapped Dress

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

This one can be a hot favorite for many ladies! Consisting of awesome fashionable style with an overlapped pattern, this glistening dress is a perfect choice while you plan to attend any party. The small slit in the front makes it comfortable for you to walk in this dress. Do not forget to carry a stylish clutch with this adorable and oh-so-lovely dress!


  1. Casual Strappy Dress

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

This violet dress has got beautiful straps and an adorable look. Just look at the pattern n top area. This pattern has been weaved beautifully and creatively so that your body shape looks great with it. Leave your hair open so that they fall delicately on your shoulders.


  1. Chic White Dress

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

If you walk out in this dress, you are surely going to turn numerous heads towards you. The cool casual look of this dress is simply irresistible! The colorful floral pattern at few places on this dress adds a touch of liveliness. Try a cute hairstyle too as shown in the image.


  1. Floral Maxi Dress

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

Maxi dresses are a perfect option for curvy bodies. Full of numerous lovely patterns and styles, these maxi dresses have become an essential item for every woman’ wardrobe! This one consists of beautiful floral design which lies on black background. The long sleeves and overlapping pattern gives it a flawless dress. Stay comfortable and look great with this pretty dress.


  1. Printed Skirt with Plain Top

Trending Styles for Curvy Girls

This style of printed skirt and plain top can be tried in many ways. If you wish you can also use the reversed version of this style. That is, choose a plain skirt and a printed top. Both ways, it looks highly captivating. If you are comfortable with belts, you can use thin strappy belts. A pair of cool looking footwear will look classy with this style.


You can always add a touch of your own creativity to any of the above styles. Look great and feel exciting with these exciting dresses!

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