Ten must have footwear for men in summer

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June 16, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Sweaty summers are for flaunting your feets ,letting the air in and giving your dressy shoes and boots a bit of rest. We have so many options to experiment on but one needs to be very careful while choosing a summer footwear. As one has to make a balance between style and comfort. Canvas shoes should be your first choice and ditch your socks or go for a slipper socks. While picking a shoes avoid a black one and try some bright colors in shades of white, blue and brown. Here we have come up with some bright ideas for trending footwear for men in summer 2017.


10 must have footwear for men


1. Beach slippers:

Flip flops are about total comfort and are best thing to put on while moving around your home or for a beach walk. That’s the reason they are also popular as beach slippers.footwear for men

2. Leather sandals, footwear for men:

These leather sandals are the best option to put on for casual occasions. And if your office doesn’t have a strict dress code for shoes, then you can walk in style with these leather sandals to your cubicles. Goes perfect with shorts, jeans and Chinos.footwear for men


3. Boat shoes:

Can’t take off the shoes from your dressing routine, then go for boat shoes. They are perfect office wear and you can wear slipper socks or boat socks to avoid uneasiness caused due to sweat and get the stylish no sock look at the same time.footwear for men


4. Canvas shoes:

These canvas shoes are so comfortable and breathable that you can’t ignore them in summer. Bored of classic white canvas, then try some new colors to freshen up your wardrobe. Colorful canvas shoes are also good for men who are afraid of getting them dirty.footwear for men


5. Leather flip flops:

What an easy way to hit the road in a classic style and carrying an effortless look. While choosing a sandal avoid too strapy sandals and look for soft genuine leather for that extra comfort.  footwear for men


6. Runners:

Seasons may change but our fitness routine doesn’t changes. To keep our exercises going in a smooth manner we need to make few changes in our running shoes. Shop low cut shoes and light weight fabric for summers.footwear for men


7. Driving shoes:

These driving loafers are so much in trend these days and best option for the casual look.  They have a light sole and are more preferrd while driving when your feet are in rest position. Avoid them while going for any physical activity.footwear for men


8. Classic sneakers:

Sneakers are the sportsman shoes and so they are very comfortable and breathable. These classic grey sneakers can become favourite of physical trainers for sure and can also be wore casually.footwear for men


9. Leather sneakers:

These white genuine leather sneakers are best for people with fine taste .footwear for men


10. Denim sneakers:

Bored of your old sneakers, then why not try these denim sneakers for a refreshing look.footwear for men


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